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Buffalo Neighborhood Testing Program

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Impact Internet will soon be in your area! We offer high speed internet for your home. We are looking for residents in your neighborhood to test our service. There will be no cost to you for working with us to ensure the best possible coverage and internet speed. We will need to mount a small (12"x12") unit on the outside of your home. Additionally, we will provide a router and compete installation for the service.

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Still have questions? Let's clarify some details:

Neighborhood Program

Yes, our Neighborhood Testing Program really is free! There’s no upfront or ongoing cost to participate in the program.

We’re going to be launching service throughout your entire neighborhood, but before we do that we want to offer our service to people in the area  to ensure our network is performing up to our very high standards. We’re not going to start selling our internet service until we have confirmed everything is working as expected.

Impact Internet has already launched in other areas, such as Olean, NY with lots of happy customers. You can read testimonials from some of those customers on our testimonials page.

Once the program has completed you’ll have the option to continue with our service at a special Founding Member rate. If you decide you no longer want the service you can opt out for free and we’ll simply remove the equipment from your location.  Again with no charge to you.

The time required will be relatively limited. We’ll reach out via email or text message a few times per month just to confirm  the service is working reliably. 

Installations are planned for February and March 2022. Our team will coordinate with program participants to ensure their installation is on a day that works for everyone.

You can reach out by completing the contact form on this contact page.

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