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Business Solutions

Why should you have to pay more for internet service just because you’re a business?

Traditional internet providers, such as large cable and DSL companies, take advantage of business owners by forcing them to pay for expensive business internet plans, which are full of unnecessary services and higher costs than home internet plans.

This price gouging forces business owners to pay high prices for mediocre internet speeds and services they don’t want or need. We believe this is unfair, especially to small business owners who just need an internet connection to run their point of sale system, update inventory or browse the internet.

As small business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to manage costs and avoid wasteful spending. That’s why we offer businesses the same fast speeds and low prices that we offer our home internet customers.

Switch to Impact Internet to save money while getting the high-speed internet service you need to run your business.

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For businesses with more extensive bandwidth needs, such as coffee shops and large offices, we’re happy to provide a customized solution. Simply contact us and we’ll put together a plan that fits your needs.


Business Plan Pricing

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Professional Installation Required Only $49