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Multiple Residence Options

Your residents want high-speed internet that allows them to stream, game and chat online, 24/7.


A Better Way to Internet!

As a landlord you’re focused on keeping costs down while increasing revenue. That’s where we come in with customizable options.

When it comes to choosing a place to live, a fast internet connection can make all the difference, especially in areas that are traditionally underserved by large internet providers. The recent pandemic has shown a greater need for high speed internet to allow people to work and attend school from home. Being able to offer affordable/ dependable high speed internet will be essential.

For many residents (especially younger ones), slow internet service is a deal breaker. Whether they use their home internet for entertainment, work or school, internet speeds can be the make-or-break factor when it comes to choosing an apartment to rent. This is especially important inside an apartment building where several residents may be using the internet at the same time.

Not only can Impact Internet provide the quality service your residents need and expect, our lightning fast speeds and simple pricing structure can help sell residents on your building. Residents concerned about internet quality and speed can rest assured knowing they’ll be able to do all of the streaming, working and browsing they want without interruption.

resident perk
Think of Impact Internet as a perk you can offer your residents - access to faster internet without data caps and annoying fees they’ll get from other providers.
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Switch to Impact Internet for your building and start offering residents the power of a fast, affordable home internet service.

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