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Impact Internet delivers a great experience at a surprisingly low price.

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Professional Installation Required Only $49

lock in your price

Lock In Your Rate: The price you pay now is the price you will pay for as long as you have our service.

Affordable Connectivity Program

As you know the Affordable Connectivity Program will end at the end of April, but we're here to help! You're eligible to receive 50% off your current internet plan for the next 6 months. Register for ACP Offer

Refer Customers & Save 20%

Existing subscribers will save 20% on their next bill when they refer a friend -- and that friend will also save 20%! Just enter your friend's name into the referral field when signing up.

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Refer Customers & Save 20%

savings calculator

Existing customers who refer new customers earn 20% off for themselves and any new Impact Internet subscriber! New subscribers just need to enter your name in the referral field when completing the signup form.